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During the current and ever-changing health crisis, we would like to ensure our customers that support for all areas of our business will be continued.  In early March we began an extensive ‘work from home’ program that encompasses sales, marketing, administration, research, design and service in order to help provide safety for our employees and efficient support for our customers.  We ask for your patience as calls and requests are processed in a different manner but we will find new and innovative ways to provide the excellent level of support that you deserve.

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Steve Gidman.

Food Safety First Episode 5: Part 2 – Foreign Material Control

Food Safety First welcomes back AIB International’s Jeff Wilson, VP of Food Safety Services for Europe, Asia and Africa to continue the discussion around Foreign Material Control through the supply chain. Jeff emphasizes the importance of establishing foreign material control programs in food manufacturing facilities and explains how to effectively do so because, “Everyone deserves safe food every day.”

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Food Safety First Episode 5: Part 1 – Foreign Material Control

AIB International’s Jeff Wilson, Vice President of Food Safety Services for Europe, Asia, and Africa joins us on Food Safety First to discuss Foreign Material Control in food manufacturing environments.

Whether it is metal, glass, rock, rubber, insects or human hair, foreign material can come from many sources and it is the food manufacturers’ responsibility to ensure that these contaminants are removed early in the process. Learn where these contaminants come from and the foreign material control programs that can be implemented to ensure food safety.

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Food Safety First Episode 4: An Introduction to AIB International

We had the pleasure of hosting AIB International’s Jeff Wilson, Vice President of Food Safety Services for Europe, Asia and Africa on this episode of Food Safety First. Listen in to gain more insight into the vision, mission, and values that AIB was built on and how they have evolved to help food manufacturers around the globe to achieve food safety every day.

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We Are Here to Support You

Fortress Technology is committed as ever in providing you with the best in simple operation, outstanding reliability, and exceptional performance during this worldwide pandemic.

While keeping the health and safety of our customers and employees as our number one priority, we are open and able to aid you in obtaining quality Metal Detection Systems to ensure the safety of your products and provide the best in brand protection.

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The average North American is expected to spend US$209.35 on snacks in 2020

Designed specifically to inspect free-falling snacks and ingredients, more than 700 new Vertex metal detection units designed by Fortress Technology were installed by snack manufacturers globally in 2019. Buyers ranged from some of the largest international food brands to fast-expanding niche snack factories.



Over 500 Stock Units are available in our warehouse and available to ship within 2-4 weeks!

What is available?

  • Stock Heads
  • Standard Vector Conveyors. Air Blast, Belt Stop Alarm, and Kicker Rejects
  • Detector Spare Part Kits
  • Test Samples   

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*Custom Detectors/Conveyors do not apply and will still take standard eight week turn around*

Inspecting Wet and Conductive Product Remains A Challenge for Meat Processors

November 29, 2019
Jenny Eagle

Interceptor Metal Detectors improve stainless steel detection capabilities up to 100%, reducing waste and costly false rejects in challenging applications.

Inspecting wet and conductive products remains a challenge for meat and poultry processors, according to Fortress Technology.

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