Fortress offers a complete range of metal detection solutions to satisfy the unique needs of a wide variety of industries


For whole logs, chippers and bales of hay

Lumber metal detectors are ideally suited for scanning whole logs and for chipper protection.

These large and robust systems are often required to prevent damage to critical and expensive cutting machinery. Because product is either direct from its source or recycled, it can potentially contain large metal objects such as fencing wire and nails. Our system easily detects these objects, ensuring they don’t damage other equipment in the production process.



For wide thin products such as textiles and paper

Web metal detectors are designed for the inspection of wide, thin products that are often sheeted or on a roll or web.

Units are typically installed within the production process to protect cutting machinery from the potential damage caused by metal contaminants. For very wide applications, the detector may be divided into “Multiscan” sections to assist the operator in retrieving the contaminant.



For product typically pumped through pipes

Pipeline systems are used for unpackaged items that are conveyed through the production process in a pipe. Due to the wet product application, Pipeline metal detectors are equipped with BSH Rugged Casing and Stainless Steel construction for IP69K certified protection, which ensures products maintain their quality while maintaining a safe operating environment.

Pipeline systems are generally inserted into an existing process line at the last possible point. In the majority of cases, these products are pumped liquids and pastes however, the same principles can be used for other applications where the product is dry and blown through a pipe, for example sausage meat.



For individual tablets and capsules

Pharmaceutical metal detectors are designed for the inspection of individual tablets and capsules that are gravity fed through the product chute. These systems are typically installed on the exit from the tablet press and prior to dusting.

The detector is designed to be compact and portable via lockable / swivel castors so it can be easily moved to different rooms according to the production requirements. The system retrofits to any tablet press with its easy height and angle adjustments.


Large Bag

For dry products in 50-110lb bags (25-50 kg)

Fortress Large Metal Bag Detectors are perfect for larger sized products between 50-100 lb (25-50 kg. Popularly known as the “Big Bag King”, the system is able to detect 2.0 mm stainless steel in most bulk packs – an industry-leading sensitivity level!

The Large Bag system achieves this production performance level thanks to its specialized coil structure and advanced electronics. It is the only system in the world to use a special RF (radio frequency) noise reduction modification, which dramatically reduces the detector’s susceptibility to RF interference.

For installation convenience and maximized system performance, Fortress offers the complete all-in-one detection solution with an integrated Vector Conveyor system.


Freefall – Bulk

For loose freefalling products such as powders and grains

Gravity metal detectors are the ideal incorporation into existing systems where bulk product, such as flour, rice and cereal, is free falling. The product under test is gravity-fed through a pipe system and travels through the detector’s aperture.

Gravity systems typically include an automatic reject system to remove contaminated product from the flow, ensuring product that only the highest quality product is packaged for distribution.


Freefall – Packaged

For freefalling products prior to packaging

The Vertex system services the needs of retail products that are packaged in pouches or bags, such as chips and frozen vegetables. The slim Vertex can be installed in spaces with limited height and is utilized prior to final packaging. The unit is often placed below a Multihead weigher, or integrated with a Vertical Form Fill Seal machine for optimum performance. The wired remote control panel can be mounted in a more accessible area, allowing for easier operation.

Vertex is the best-suited solution for applications where packaging is metallic or too large for standard detectors.


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